Prevention and Treatment of Acne

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What is acne?
The skin naturally produces a secretion that whenit is too abundant, it clogs pores and causes a buld up of  bacteria that in turn produce the appearance of pimples (blackheads) and white microcysts.

Acne in adult women
The onset of acne in adult women is normal.  Stress, fatigue, pollution and excessive use of cosmetic products can cause these small skin imperfections.

The blackheads and pimples usually appear on the chin, around the mouth or nose. If this is not due to hormonal disorders of adolescence, the reason may be premenstration or hormones irregularites caused by contraceptives.  Some contraceptives based on cyproterone acetate or norgestimate can help acne disappear, however, others, based on levonorgestrel, tend to cause acne.

Hygiene to prevent
We will never tire of saying: wash your face morning and night and then then apply  moisturizer. You can supplement this cleaning by applying  a scrub or mask once a week. a new treatment,  Baby Quasar  is a photo facial and intense pulsed light therapy device can now be used at home.  Formerly a salon only treatment, it has  a proven  record of effectiveness.  Baby Quasar minimizes your pores and fights acne. Additionally, it firms and tones your skin and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

 Healthy Measures

If acne persists, you should see a dermatologist.