5-Piece Wardrobe

Lately I’ve noticed that the ‘5-Piece Wardrobe French thing “is totally hip and happening”. It’s featured on a lot of fashion blogs,  Twitter, forums and fashion websites. Looking at my bulging wardrobe, accessories,, shelves of shoes and hooks filled with coats and scarves, I think: Maybe I Should give it a try? The 5 Piece system is in fact nothing more than restricting your buying habits  or shopping with the parking brake on.

It works like this. The fashion changes seasonally. And with big chains like H & M, Zara and Topshop, spend a little time on composition of your wardrobe, but not a lot of money.  So adapt your buying habits and be the ever-stylish-looking French.

Basic Pieces
French women are pioneers when it comes to minimalism. The contents and format of their wardrobes seem the smallest in the world. The secret? 5 Piece French Wardrobe. Each season a French woman buys five items, which are in vogue, to the closet to brighten them. They mix and matched it with different accessories and good basics and thus always creates a completely different look.

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Good quality
The only requirement is that you have a good basic wardrobe. Putting together a good basic wardrobe is not done in one day. It takes time to find out which brand or style is best for you and of good quality.  It is helpful to make a list of clothes that will make up your basic wardrobe belongs. This list may be vary from person to person.

Not a bad buy
With a good basic wardrobe and buying “only” five pieces each season you can save some money. In addition, you have to think about what you buy. This makes impulse shopping less likely. And, when you purchase one of the five items you should consider the different ways you can combine your basic clothing.

Remember that 5 Piece French Wardrobe only one idea, one way. The idea is that you should experiment to find what suits you. You decide what you will include in your the five pieces. Personally, I think five items including shoes and accessories is rather meager for a season. So I guess I’m five garments and  five accessories. Things like lingerie, tights, and socks are not included on my list.