5 Tips for Summer Ready Skin

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By Laura Francis

The weather’s getting warmer and it’s time to pull out your shorts and vest tops from the back of your wardrobe – but it’s also time to start getting your skin summer ready. Slough away dull winter skin and let your natural beauty shine through with our top 5 tips for summer ready skin.

Switch Your Products
Heavy winter products like thick moisturisers and creamy cleansers will all add up to a dull and greasy complexion come summertime. Switch your heavy products for lighter products that won’t weigh down your skin and that won’t promote oil production – try a mattifying moisturiser to mop up excess oils, a salicylic or glycolic-acid based cleanser (the acids help to keep pores clear and free of dirt), or a pore-clearing foaming cleanser. A light serum or moisturising water might also be enough to keep skin hydrated, especially if you don’t need any additional products to reduce shine.

Exfoliate from Top to Toe
Slough away dead skin cells and get rid of summer products, like oils and sunscreens, by exfoliating a little more frequently throughout the summer. As skin tends to be oilier throughout the summer, it can stand up to more frequent exfoliation. For your face, use a gentle face scrub two or three times a week, and for your body, exfoliate in the shower two or three times per week with a gentle body scrub. Freshly exfoliated skin is a little more susceptible to being burnt in the sun, so take extra care with your sunscreen.

Protect Your Skin
It might sound obvious, but you absolutely have to protect your skin throughout the summer, not only to protect against medical problems associated with sun exposure such as skin cancer but also to protect against the ageing effects of too much sun, like sun spots and wrinkles. A moisturiser or makeup product containing an SPF isn’t enough, either – you don’t put on anywhere near enough makeup for it to be effective. Body-lotion style sunscreens might work best, particularly if you’re at work throughout the day, as they sink into skin more readily than traditional sunscreens. You can also find powder sunscreens, which work really well over makeup as you can brush them on again and again without having to reapply makeup. Don’t forget your body, too – apply sunscreen to your face, neck, décolletage, shoulders, arms, back – anywhere that is exposed.

Pamper Your Tootsies
Strutting your stuff in boots and thick socks all winter, skipping on pedicures and neglecting your feet can leave your tootsies looking a little neglected come summer. Pamper your tootsies and get them summer ready by following this super easy footcare routine. In the morning, rub feet with a foot lotion, and in the evening, soak them in warm water, then give them a good rub with a gentle foot scrub, slather on some more foot lotion and cover feet with some thick socks. Follow the routine for 2-3 days and you’ll already see results.

Brush Your Body
Reduce the appearance of orange peel thighs and get bikini ready by body brushing every day. Brush in the direction of the heart, starting at the feet and working your way up your body. Use upwards sweeping motions and be particularly gentle when brushing your tummy and thighs – brushing too hard could cause the capillaries in your thighs to break, leaving your thighs with a mottled appearance. If your skin is sensitive, brush while in the shower. Do this everyday and follow up with a cellulite or firming cream and you should definitely notice a difference within a few weeks.