Avoiding the Traditional Valentine’s Day Trap

chocolate covered strawberries

chocolate covered strawberriesBy Michelle Rebecca

Few dates are as frustrating as the traditional Valentine’s Day dinner outing. The restaurants are packed, the food overpriced and the entire evening’s about as predictable as an atomic clock. You know what to expect, your date knows what to expect; the evening is less about romance and more about obligations.

So the heck with it. Next Valentine’s Day, instead of opting for a dozen roses and an exorbitant surf ‘n’ turf dinner, try one of these less expected expressions of love.

Wine and Dine: At Home

Can you cook? More importantly, has this little fact escaped your date’s notice so far? If so, Valentine’s Day is the perfect way to reveal you know your way around the kitchen. A candlelight dinner at home, a good bottle of wine and a suitable chocolaty dessert show you’re prepared to put some effort into the relationship.

Winter Strolls and Hot Chocolate

In many parts of the country, the weather’s still decidedly chilly come February 14. Pack a thermos of hot chocolate, bundle up, and take a sunset stroll. Chilly weather just makes hot chocolate all the more enjoyable and encourages snuggling close for warmth. For extra points, have a hearty soup and fresh bread waiting back at home.

Go Shopping

No, I don’t mean running out for standard Valentine’s Day present. I mean the two of you, together. Most cities have an area filled with neat little curiosity shops and niche stores, usually conveniently peppered with cafes and coffee shops.

What you shop for isn’t important, whether you’re looking for home accessories or an office chair for sale. What’s important is you’re shopping together, giving each other a sense of your likes and dislikes in a non-traditional environment. And if, during the shopping, you just happen to pick up a piece of jewelry for your date “spontaneously,” well so much the better.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Few items are as decadent as chocolate covered strawberries, which may explain why the treat is so popular on Valentine’s Day. Instead of paying a few dollars per strawberry, make your own.

Don’t let a lack of cooking expertise turn you off this idea. In fact, if you’re known as the guy who can burn water, your reputation makes this accomplishment all the more impressive.

Buy some high-quality cooking chocolate. Melt it over a double boiler. Hold the strawberry by the leaves, and dip it in the chocolate. Place it on some wax paper while the chocolate dries. Serve with fanfare.

While surprising a lover with homemade chocolate covered strawberries is impressive, you can have even more fun making the dessert together. Fresh strawberries, melted chocolate, hand-feeding dipped chocolates to each other in the kitchen . . . if nothing else, there’ll be lots of giggling.

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