Back to School Styles – 10 Jean Styles for Fall 2013



Super skinny jeans that bunch a little at the ankle, worn with  heels, flats, or sneakers.

Bleached pants that look like e bleach or white paint was spilled all over your pants.  where with a longer top and high heels, avoid wearing them with anything “busy” best with a simple, flowy top.

Dark, solid tanks paired with new neon styles. Or wear with a plain white tee, hoodie and sneakers for a perfect fall outfit.

Legging Jeans: Legging jeans are  tightly-fitted and stretch just like leggings

Boyfriend Style: Boyfriend jeans are cute and comfy. Look for ones with extra room in the thighs as well as the calves, which are low or medium a rise. Pair with thin, fitted layers and a belt.

Superdistressed Grungy Jeans are  hot this fall, look for a pair with a sophisticated which are frayed and torn all along the thigh. Wear with sneakers and a fun graphic tee for school.   Dress up with heels.

Cropped Jeans are the ideal option when you don’t want to wear long jeans but it’s too chilly to wear a skirt. For the most flattering look, pick a pair that hits a few inches above your ankles. Try pairing them with heels and a flirty tank so you appear dressed-up but still laid-back. Cropped jeans are especially great for taller girls who want to break up a long frame.

Printed Jeans  come in all different shades—the black and gray ones are conservative. Animal prints are in style this year too. Best to wear with solid muted colors tops.

High Waisted Jeans: Look for a cut high enough so they won’t dig into your sides (avoid the  muffin top). Tuck a looser-fitting top in the pants to highlight the waist.

Boot-cut:  Deep washed is in this fall. You know they are the right length if the pant leg falls right at the middle of your foot with shoes on  so that your legs look extra-long. they look great with heels.