Chic Home Fashions

chic chaise

Adding chic home fashions to your house is fun and artful. Selecting interesting art pieces that meet your personal style will provide a fashionable backdrop for your daily life.

Start with decorative accessories for your main living area.  Select pieces that add color, texture and originality. You can find many interesting and affordable home decor items online.

Chic furniture is another way to express your personal style in your home, chairs, a sofa and tables all can be chosen to make a fashion statement. In style for 2012 are modern styles with low backs and curvy shapes. Cubes continue to be posh and have many uses as coffee tables, end tables, seating or just for fun. Sofa’s with built in chaise lounge’s are very popular and chic.

You can even find chic recliners that have a modern smaller look many come in many colors, and textured fabrics. Bold accent colors lead the way and give any room character.

Z Gallerie is a nationally run store with chic furniture and accessories,   you can find a location near you with this store locator tool.  Here are some of our favorite home fashions found there.

chic sofachic chaise

designer pillowsPillows


art pianoPainting by P. Robert