Eternity Rings: Popular Styles in 2012

eternity rings jewelry

eternity rings jewelryIn their 4000 year history, dating back to ancient Egypt eternity rings have like any type of garment or accessory changed with the seasons of fashion. Although popular eternity ring styles may have been altered during their long history, one constant has remained; the symbolic gesture that exists when an eternity ring is given as a gift to a loved one still represents everlasting love just as it did 4000 years ago. An example of how eternity rings have changed is shown by the fact that whereas ancient Egyptians would give rings depicting a snake swallowing its own tail to symbolizing eternal love, today full eternity bands filled with diamonds or other gemstones are the most popular choice.

With the saying ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ not far from the truth it is no surprise that eternity rings filled with diamonds of differing sizes are by far the most popular on the market in 2012. If you’re loved one would prefer a change from diamonds there are a number of alternatives available with rubies, sapphires and emeralds still as popular as ever. Differing styles of eternity rings depend on the precious metals they are made from. Platinum has rose in popularity over the last decade or so and a more affordable alternative in palladium is raising in status as well.

You know a fashion trends is really catching on when celebrities are spotted in public wearing eternity rings brought by loved ones and this has been the case increasingly this year. A symbol of everlasting love is even made more powerful when you spot someone more known for a breakup wearing one. That’s what happened earlier this year when Adele was spotted wearing an eternity ring given to her by boyfriend Simon Konecki. Although the couple aren’t married it is thought Adele see’s Simon as ‘the one’ and the beauty of an eternity ring is being able to show affection and love while you are in no rush to head down the aisle. Other high profile endorsements of eternity rings have came from Hollywood actresses Emily Blunt and Megan Fox, both known for their keen sense of style.

Although eternity rings are again seeing a rise in their profile, as mentioned earlier when it comes to eternity rings many consider their symbolic meaning to be more important than their design or style. The gesture of presenting your loved one with a symbol of eternal love is incredibly significant and a gift that will live with you both forever.