Fall Fashion Trends – Shirts – Coats and Maxi Shirts

fall shirts back longer

Fall Fashion includes  very beautiful printed blouses paired with a chic pair of jeans.Very nice long sleeve shirt printed fabric fluid, print or geometric patterns, longer at the back. You can find it in the shades black, white and green or pink-beige, brown and black. Coordinate with trousers and skirts.



Coats can be plain or in beautiful patterns. Sleeve and shoulder are large, the line is fairly square, backed by a thick fabric, but the prints are light and feminine.  Sixties is back in style, pair the the coat with a skirt or dress.



This fall, you can still jump around in your favorite skirt. The skirts trend namely continues!

Pleated Maxi shirts are very popular again this autumn! chose those in natural colors and warm fabrics plus consider a bright pink skirt, nice and girly.