Fall Hairstyles – Half Bun

The half bun: most super popular trend ever! According to many, the half bun is inspired by a men’s tie knot,  your Pinterest and Instagram feed is full of them.

The half-bun is a bun which you use only half of your hair , the rest remains  hanging loose. We admit, at first, this trend seems a bit odd; if your hair has an identity crisis. On the other hand, the half-bun is probably the most popular  trend ever. It is   is suitable for almost any hair length, hair type and occasion.  Below, a lot of pictures of hairstyles to inspire you. Which is your favorite?

half bun hairstyle

Fall Hairstyles seen on Red Carpet

casual hairsytle half bun

double hair bun

half bun Curly hairstyles

half bun Curly hairstyles