Fashion 2015: Spring Outfits in Black and White

Black and white are the color trend for fashion in the spring of 2015 –  add accent colors like pink  and yellow accessories and black hat to top off any outfit and you are in style!

Here are some images of spring outs using black and white in strips. You can easily build these outfits from your favorite woman’s clothing stores – mix and match.


striped-shirt black and white

Red accessories go great with black and white. A black hat and high heal boots make this and out that can be for school or casual Friday at work.



Add a soft blue purse and a deep purple hat to a pair of boyfriend jeans, black and white stripped shirt and black jacket for a casual fun look.



This perfect black and white stripped dress can be dressed up or down to fit any occasion.


Another way to wear black and with is checks – this a line checked skirt with a white blouse give a classy look for you can wear it with our without leggings.