5 Essential Fashion Tips for Businessmen

business men fashionOne of the biggest adjustments young men need to make when they first enter the business world is how to look the part. They go from being able to wear pajamas to a college lecture one day to having to wear a suit and a tie the next. This transition can be rough for some, and far too many young men fail miserably at the task. They dress in a way that shouts out to colleagues and clients that they are still kids. If you want to be taken seriously in the business world, you have to look the part. Follow these five fashion tips to look your best. 

1. Have a Go-To Outfit

Every businessman needs that one outfit in his closet that makes him look and feel like a million bucks. This is the outfit that a man can put on and instantly be filled with confidence. Feeling confident in your look is half the battle. Always keep this outfit cleaned and pressed. You never know when you will want to look and feel your best.

2. Learn the Rules of Undershirts

Many men are pretty clueless when it comes to undershirts. You need to know how to pick the right undershirt for what you are wearing. Go with a comfortable white T-shirt and you won’t go wrong. Can mens t shirts get any better than the classic white crew neck look? Not when it comes to undershirts.

3. Learn Multiple Tie Knots

You need to know more than one kind of tie knot. You should know three or four different knots that can be called upon for different situations. You may want to tie a more elegant knot like a Windsor when you are headed to an important meeting or business lunch. It is hard for young people to grasp this, but little details like this are often noticed by others.

4. Accessorize

In order to look your best, you need more than a suit and a tie. You should add some accessories to really look your best. This includes things like a tie pin, a nice watch, cufflinks and a ring. If you want to be taken seriously, these little details will help you to stand out.


5. Check Yourself in a Full-Length MirrorDo this every morning before you head out for the day. It is best if you have two mirrors across from each other so you can do a detailed inspection of both your front and your back. Go over yourself carefully to make sure you look your best, and you will be ready to start the day with confidence and vigor.