Fashion Statements Come and Gone; A look into Resurfaced Styles

By Andrei Lopez

Styles and fashion “dos” and “don’ts” are something that are constantly changing. If we held onto all of our clothes from 15 years ago, we might find that some have them have come back into style. Take a look at the styles of years past that have come and gone, or even stayed around for good! It is very interesting to see fashion statements that keep circulating the fashion world over the decades!


One fashion statement that we have seen come, but not so much go, is hippie clothing. It is amazing that a movement started back in the 1960s still lingers today in the form of hippie clothes.  Clothing such as the mini skirt and bikini came about during the hippie movement and are still popular today. The 1960s was also a time where mis-matched prints were completely acceptable. We see this trend becoming more and more popular in the year 2012. Other timeless clothing items that are still around include tie-dyed clothing, peace signs plastered on clothing, skull and rose patterns and stonewash clothing.


stripped heelsThis decade’s styles began with looks carried over from the hippie movement, but then began their drastic change leading into the crazy styles of the ‘80s. One style that was birthed in to 1970s and has become popular again the last several years is the maxi dress. As far as prints go, it may not be totally obvious to some people, but many of the floral and paisley prints we see so much in clothing today are a replica of the styles portrayed in the 1970s. As far as shoes go, wedges are becoming extremely popular once again. In 2012 we see then everywhere. Have a guess of when they first became popular? Yup, the 1970s! The 1970s was the debut of the wedge shoe or sandal. They may have gone out of style for a little while but they are back in full swing. Every department store you visit is sure to be well stocked with wedge shoes .


Heidi Klum

I think it is safe to say that in the 1980s people were just allowed to have too much fun with styles! While there were “rules”, it’s really not fair to call them actual rules. It was basically anything goes! But, if at all possible, the brighter the better! Neon pink, green and orange were the in thing. If someone was still donning the neutral make-up look of the 1970s they were most likely looked down upon! Some of the styles we have seen come back over the years are leg warmers.  They don’t stand alone in the fashion come-backs of the 1980s. The paint splattered look on clothes is something that has resurfaced over time as well.  And while the converse shoe was not created in the 80s, it was popular then and it’s popular now. Another look that has stepped on the scene again is larger sunglasses. After the 80s, they went out of style but we they are obviously back on the scene!