Fashion Trends for a Teen Queen

Winter is over, spring is here and summer is almost within reach! As the days get longer and the sun gets warmer it’s time to start thinking about teen fashion trends for spring and summer. Here are some of the looks that the trendsetters are recommending.

The Crop Top

When it gets a little warmer we want to show some skin and there’s no better way to do that than with the crop top. Whether it’s short-sleeved, sleeveless or strappy the point of a crop top is to show a bit of your awesomely flat belly. It looks great with cut-off shorts or a long skirt. Expect to see that this summer in electric neon shades or patterned prints.

Colour Coordinated

Speaking of colour, bright is definitely the trend for the summer. Along with neons expect other bright colours and lots of mixing. If last summer was inspired by 50s and 60s fashion, this is the summer of the 70s. Expect to see the bohemian look, as well as bold patterns, stripes, polka dots and maxi skirts. Uneven hems are all the rage and some of the best looks will feature blocks of colour paired with a striking pattern or print. If it’s a bit on the cold side in spring a brightly coloured jacket will cover up your pre-summer look.

Getting Dotty

Let’s go back to polka dots for a minute. They are popping up everywhere on maxi skirts, on tights (though you won’t need those this summer), on trousers, dresses, shirts and even socks. If you want to be a teen fashion queen then your wardrobe has to include a couple of dotted items. And stripes are in too so pair dots and stripes to be in the height of fashion.

Spring and Summer Fashion Accessories

To go with these great looks you need to accessorise. Gold seems to be in again for sunglasses, shoes and simple headbands. Shark teeth (even if they are really made of metal) make trendy pendants and glittery handbags and printed purses set off your look. If it’s too cool for strappy sandals, high-heeled boots make the perfect addition to any outfit. It’s also worth adding a touch of lacy femininity to any outfit ñ lace is definitely back in and appearing on everything from shrugs to shorts.

So there you have a quick guide to teen fashion that will have you on trend for the 2012 season.

About the Author:

Freelance writer Sharon Hurley Hall is writing for leavers hoodies supplier Hoodie Tee.