French braids hairstyle

french braid hairstyle tutorial

A French braid is suitable for many occasions. To create a French braid.

Are you going out to dinner or a night out with friends and do not know what you should know with your hair needs, please make a French braid!

french braid hairstyle tutorial

What do you need?
– Long Hair
– A brush
– Hairspray
– A cute headband
– Time
– Patience

Step 1
Brush your hair until the tangles are gone.

Step 2
Spread a small amount of hair on top of your head into 3 equal benefits.

Step 3
Cross the right pick over the middle. Take the left below the middle of harvest. Actually, as you do with a normal braid.

Step 4
Extract of a small pick right, you also pick crosses over the center. Keep the braid tightly by your hands close to your head to keep.

Step 5
Now take a small strand of the left over the middle that you do. With one hand grab a tuft of hair is growing and with your other hand hold the big three pick set.

Step 6
Repeat steps 4 and 5 continuing until all your hair in the braid it.

Step 7
Make the braid off as usual and a nice hair band to tie the end of your French braid.

Step 8
Spray a little hairspray on the braid and you’re done!

For a little variety, you can braid the strands loosely, this gives a different effect or you can see another haircuts trends in 2011