Creative Holiday Gifts for Tweens and Teens

Struggling with coming up with the perfect holiday gifts for your tweens or teens in the family? You’re definitely not alone because sometimes they can be hard to shop for! Since they’re interests change on a constant basis it’s up to you to come up with unique gifts that you know they’ll always appreciate. If you make gift giving for your teens and tweens mission possible, when they tear open the wrapping paper during Christmas you’ll be thrilled when you see a happy smile plastered on their face.

soft socks Super Soft Socks – Socks may sound like a boring gift at first, but currently many brand names make socks that come in many cute patterns, colors, and materials. Purchase soft socks that will keep your tween’s feet warm and they’ll love the warmness of the socks and the colorful personality that comes with them as well. Soft socks usually come in bulk from shops like TJ Maxx so don’t stop with just one pair. Purchase colorful socks that are both soft and full of happiness for a cozy winter.




hair extensions colorColored Hair Extensions – So maybe your teen isn’t allowed to dye her hair blue and pink like the current trend promotes, but she’s probably still dying to do so (quite literally)!  Surprise her and find hair extensions that are already dyed in the ombre colors she desires. They might be spendy but will definitely worth it. Be sure to purchase them from the right company and consider sites like Etsy, who also offers them in an array of colors. Once received, it will be easy for her to clip them in and take them out depending on her mood. She’s be so happy to be gifted with such a trendy gift she’ll think you’re the coolest parents ever.

Lip Gloss from a Favorite Brand – if your daughter or her friend wants something simple for the holidays find out what her favorite makeup brand is. Whether it’s Stila, bareMinerals, or another favorite brand name, most teens and tweens love their makeup. Spoil them rotten and purchase pretty gloss that’s age appropriate and when they put it on they will definitely feel confident and pretty every day while they’re at school.


Gadgets and Gizmos – Enough talk about gifts for tween girls, what about teen and tween guys? Depending on their interests, most guys at this time are beginning to get interested in cars, music, and playing with tools. Perhaps finding a quality tool set or feeding their interest with other accessories will be the perfect holiday gift. They’ll definitely be impressed that you took the time to observe what they are in to and they’ll also love the gift!

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