Hair Highlights Ideas for Girls

purple and blonde hair highlight ideas for teenagers 2011

Hair Color Ideas for Women

Confused about what color to choose and need a best hair color idea? Hair color can be applied on full volume of hair, in chunks or through highlights. Bold colors like silver, red, purple are popular amongst youngsters and teens. Colors like brown, chestnut, etc. are generic. Check out the different hair color ideas for teenagers and women 2011 and get the right hair color for you.

red hair color - highlight ideas for long hair

These colorful red hair highlights emanate a modern and unearthly allure. Use your creativity and the help of a pro hair colorist to pull off a super-voguish new hairdo.

hooker and young orange hair highlight ideas

Consider this fab orange and black hair color idea to vamp up your look in an instant. Use the newest hair dyeing techniques in an innovative way to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Stylish Brunette Hair with Red Highlight Concept

This stylish brunette hair with red highlights is an A-list option to crown your new season look with a statement accessory. Ask for pro help to spread the tinted sections all over the locks.

purple and blonde hair highlight ideas for teenagers 2011

Liven up your do with purple and blonde hair highlights as illustrated above. Use your hair coloring skills or the help of a pro hairdresser to spread the tinted locks all over the strands.

I hope from the hair color ideas for teenagers or women hair, you can now choose the colors that suit your skin tone perfectly. Highlights for black hair can be done with latest techniques like chunking, foiling, hair painting and low lighting. Whatever color you opt for, your hair must suit your complexion. Do not try to wear bold colors just for the sake of fashion, unless you can carry them well. Get the coloring done from a reputed salon to get the best effect. Colors blended over black look extremely attractive.