How to Apply Beautiful Nail Extensions

blue and pinky nail artMany women that struggle with unhealthy and fragile nails choose to apply nail extensions. In order to apply these extensions properly, you need to understand the proper procedure. Fake nails can even last for weeks if applied correctly! It is important to understand at least the basics before applying, though. We’ll go through some of the most important tips on nail extension applying in this article.

Safety, of course, is very important when applying fake nails. Keep in mind that hygiene is crucial. Never use materials, or tools, that are dirty since they can lead to upsetting complications like infections. A good way to understand the hygiene practices better is to pay close attention at how a professional applies them. It is best to have your nail extensions applied by an expert at first!

The applying procedure is based on the nail extension type mostly. There are quite a few types available these days! Imagine the look that you want to go for before choosing the type and start from there. One of the more popular nail extension choices are acrylic. These feel a bit heavier than the rest and are more durable. Acrylic nail extensions are the top choice for women that work a lot with their hands!

Care and maintenance is important as well. When applying fake nails, be sure to apply just the right amount of pressure! Your natural nails will require treatment even before you apply the nails extensions, so be sure to use quality cuticle oil regularly to ensure that they remain in good shape. If you’re experiencing problems, the best thing to do is to visit your nail technician and let him fix everything.

Video showing how to apply nail extensions


This video is about how to apply fake nails like a pro – it is a simple step-by-step video guide that will teach you everything you need to know about making your nails look pretty! The tutorial actually starts at the two minute mark. The instructor begins by suggesting a set of inexpensive acrylic nails that, she adds, can even be reused if you keep them in good condition! Next, jump at the 3 minutes 40 seconds mark where she shows you the result that you will get after following her tutorial. Keep in mind that you don’t need to use the exact same set of nails that she does in order to complete this guide, the technique is the same regardless of what set you use!

She starts by taking a nail buffer and using it to file the top of her nails. Don’t use a nail file as they are too rough for this. If you have long nails, file them down into shape after you use the buffer. She them shows the fake nails that she will use. At this point she gives a great tip for picking out the right size for your nails – place the fake nail on and check the edges. If there is a gap, the nail is probably too small and you should use another one. She then goes for the next size which sits properly. She places the nail on the side and repeats the steps for all of her fingers.

She then takes the nail glue and applies it on firmly from one side to another. It’s important to apply only a light coat and not overdo it. The next step is to put the nail on before the glue dries. She holds the fake nail in place for a few seconds. This process needs to be repeated for all the nails. As she adds, it is a very easy and fun process that only takes a couple of minutes to do. You can also add stickers if you wish. The fake nails that she uses last for about a week, even more! Another important point that she makes is that you have to be careful not to get glue on top of the design because it’s very hard to take it off!

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