5 Surprising Jewelry Styles for Summer 2012

braclet fashion jewelry

Summer is here, and children aren’t the only ones delighting in the hot weather.  Fashion and jewelry designers across the world have been waiting for the season’s arrival to bring their new seasonal fashions from the runway to reality, and from conception to concrete items.  For many people, however, summer fashions is about more than swimwear and casualwear – it’s about the jewelry that can be used to embellish even the simplest summer fashions.  Below are 5 surprising summer jewelry styles that can transform last year’s clothing into a hot look for summer 2012.

Big Bracelets

braclet fashion jewelry

From tank tops to tube tops and shorts to miniskirts, there’s no question that summer clothing is generally minimalistic.  This summer, jewelry designers are playing up this minimalism by presenting eye-catching bracelets that are sure to attract attention.  The popularity of last year’s cuff bracelet has remained, though this year’s styles are flashier and

less dainty than in the past.  Likewise, bangles are still gracing runway wrists, but instead of the thin, stacked styles of yesteryear, 2012’s bangles are styled with surprising height, often climbing halfway up the arm.  Though these flamboyant styles may shock people with more conservative tastes, they shouldn’t be immediately disregarded, as they can be toned down with the right summer clothing.

Sea-Inspired Styles

Summer is a time to hit the beach, and this summer’s fashion designers are capitalizing on this desire by presenting jewelry styles inspired by the sea.  From clear plastic or Lucite jewelry that summons images of clear water, to styles that incorporate aquatic stones, gems and shells, sea-themed jewelry is poised to make a splash in the summer of 2012.  For a modern look on a classic design, jewelry designers are rolling out new waves of pearl jewelry, specifically those made of freshwater or South Sea pearls, which are a bit more casual and summery than other types of pearls.  Pearl necklaces made from different-sized pearls at differing lengths embody the free-spirited beach feel, while mother of pearl enhancements on earrings or bracelets reflect the rainbow of colors that is characteristic of summer.  Some designers such as Oscar de la Renta and Tory Burch have also translated the styles of layered pearls into similar looks made from synthetic materials for budget shoppers who want to embrace this summer’s hottest looks.

Color-Blocked Jewelry

If you’ve seen any fashion previews for this summer, you’ll know that printed fabrics are making a comeback.  To offset these busy designs, jewelry designers have embraced color-blocking as a way to make a simple but bold style statement.  Designer Mara Hoffman has displayed this trend especially well, in a range of jewelry that has a somewhat ethnic African vibe.  For an entirely different style along the same lines, Lene De Cassis sent dramatic black and white necklaces down the runway, worn simultaneously to provide a daring look built from classic colors.  When trying this style, make sure not to mix too many colors, as doing so will distract from the sleek look that color-blocking tries to achieve.

Long Earrings

long =earringsTo some, long earrings may seem overly heavy in the summer heat.  In reality, however, jewelry designers have accepted the fact that long earrings look marvelous with bare necks and summer necklines.  In the summer 2012 fashion previews, long earrings have taken the form of simple metallic designs such as those of Bottega Veneta, and bold synthetic pieces like those designed by Blumarine.  But choose your long earrings wisely – designs that are too heavy will weigh down the ear and create an unflattering look, while those that are lighter will sit properly and will accentuate a tanned neck.

Oversized Stone Rings

It shouldn’t be surprising that this season’s extra-large bracelets would dwarf a normal sized ring.  To solve this problem, trendy designers have also rolled out oversized rings which will pair well with both tall and thick bracelets.  In the summer of 2012 you can expect to see large rings, primarily made out of a single large stone or perhaps two different big stones, in bright colors that will also incorporate the sea-theme or color-blocking elements that are gaining popularity.  Although you shouldn’t feel obligated to wear both large bracelets and large rings, if your clothing is minimal or you have arms that aren’t overly skinny, you’re definitely a good candidate for merging these two trends.