Look Slimmer In An Instant: Clothes To Give You A Leaner Figure

For those who are looking at clothes to help them slim down, there are a few options available. At the launch of the Stella McCartney Winter 2012 collection, Kate Moss was in a slimming black mini dress with transparent mesh panels. Kate Winslet wears a similar design in red with black side panels. Other celebrities that are wearing these slimming McCartney lines include Gwyneth Paltrow, Penelope Cruz and Victoria Beckham.

A number of fashionistas also have a tongue-in-cheek approach to looking slimmer, in that bigger handbags will make anyone look slimmer in an instant. How well this works remains debatable, but it is a great reason to buy a new bag, if nothing else.

Stripes Or No Stripes?

Stripes have always been in dispute as to how thin they can make someone look. Many people say that horizontal stripes (ones that run across the body) make the body look larger, but over the last few years, scientists as well as stylists have been disproving this. It is unsure as to why horizontal stripes make someone look thinner; it may be that they lengthen the body creating an appearance of tallness. For those who are a little unsure about wearing horizontal striped clothes, they should try a loose t-shirt or a jumper with thin horizontal stripes combined with a pair of stretch jeans.

For those who want to look slimmer, large bold patterns on dresses should be avoided. Instead, stick with smaller patterns as these will help to slim down. It is also popular to wear coloured patterned tights with these dresses and those who want to slim their legs may find it better to wear plain dark coloured tights. High heels are always a favourite for lengthening the legs and making them appear slimmer. However, thin or spike heels need to be avoided, as these will actually accentuate the size of the legs.

Underwear can play an important part too, especially as there are many lines available to assist with creating slimmer bodies. For those who are considering purchasing slimming underwear, do take time to try out different styles to see which fits the best, without creating new bumps elsewhere on the body. Ladies should also take time for bra re-fits as this can help the figure to stay in proportion and prevent unwelcome bumps appearing on the back.

Use the Fitting Room

Rather than attempting to hide a larger figure with loose clothing, individuals should be confident and buy fitted clothes. The right size clothes need choosing also. Many women are tempted to buy a smaller size as an incentive to losing a few pounds; this approach rarely works.

Although winter is the time of year when the big bulky sweaters come out, these need to be avoided too. Try slimmer fitting sweaters, or for those who love their knitwear, try pairing a looser cardigan with a fitted t-shirt, cami or blouse underneath. This will slim as well as enhance the figure.

Sit Up Straight

Chunky belts are a great way to make the waistline look smaller as well as emphasise other curves and the black clothes in the wardrobe remain a slimming favourite. Whatever the size or shape of someone, it is always important to have good posture. Standing up straight and sitting properly will not only help to slim the body down, but will also create confidence.

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