Make Up Trends for Summer

The dolls look is-it! Porcelain skin, soft pink lips, peach cheeks and huge eyelashes, truly the “baby doll” look in full regalia.

Below is a list of makeup trends shown on the catwalk in Paris, New York, London and Milan for summer 2012. Overall, less is more  was the rule.

Here are the trends all listed. Be natural, bold and inspired!
1. Doll Look
2. Retro Glamour
3. Minimalism
4. Bushy eyebrows
5. Striking eyeshadow
6. Cat eyes
7. Striking lips

Get that beautiful porcelain skin look by using skin lightening cream and using sun screen to protect your skin this summer. Eliminate those freckles and dark skin spots and splotchyness, too.

Retro Glamour – mainly a natural look but with some help  for the brows and lipstick to enhance the lips.

Minimalism – go light on foundation, eye shadow and lips.

Bushy Eyebrows -little plucking or waxing , but nicely shaped and sculptured – show them off.

Striking eyeshadow – blues and green return, on the eyelid and  color on lower lashes too.

Cat Eyes – heavy on the eye liner,  with a long line at the corner of your eye. neutral on the eye lids. a look often worn by Angela Jolie.

Striking Lips – use that lip liner and lipstick, deep bold rich colors, reds and pinks!