Newest Fashion Accessories for Summer Season

layered jewelry

Accessories play an important role in the creation of our unique and individual style. And exactly in the summer, we can use them for one hundred percent. Summer Season 2012 is one of the richest in variety of styles, so only your imagination can limit you. In addition this season is the rule of eclecticism, and you can safely use even the most unusual combinations of accessories.

summer hat borsalinoUndisputed queen of the newest fashion accessories for summer season can be considered a hat. Fashionable will be not only wide-brimmed hats, but also tiny and elegant hats in the style of 20th years and elegant hats with brims. In the summer season will gain relevance the turbans. They can be used not only for evening attire, but also for every day.
Rafe NY Jesse SequinWomen’s handbag will become another major female accessory. Handbag accentuates your personal style and will complete your image.
Among the popular models can provide a small bag with long strap, with two volume knobs, and of course the clutch. If you want to stand out among the guests at a party, complete the outfit in a box clutch or small bag on the belt.
Classical models of famous designers and renowned houses such as Dior, Miss Sixty, Burberry, and LV left out of the competition. Of course, nice to know the original owner of a legendary, but the rest of the ladies, do not despair. Now the market is successful copy of the known models of economy class.

In addition to the classical leather in this summer at the peak of their popularity will be bags made from leather of exotic animals, crocodile and python. Fans of the same “Eco style” can enjoy a variety of models of woven materials.

orange-red summer scarf

Now, let us add a bit of sentiment in our outfit as a light scarf. In the summer season 2012 will be relevant as bright and pastel colors. Then you need to follow only one rule: Pick up bright flashy scarf, colorful decorations, and if a gentle scarf color, and decorations will be a match.

Another trend in the summer of accessories is a belt. The rule of the new summer season, says wearing a dress or skirt – add a belt. Pick up the color, blending in with the overall color scheme dress. In the broad trends of the season a massive belt. However, there is no need to overdo it. If you do not have enough thin waists, choose a thin strap. Fashionable in the upcoming summer season will be the belt of ethnic style, decorated with embroidery, weaving and beadwork. However, a strict version of men’s style does not lose its relevance.

In the summer’s sunny day you can not do without the sunglasses. Do not underestimate them. This accessory can radically change your image. Creative personages fit round glasses in the style of John Lennon, sports fans can wear chic aviators from the top edge of the cut-off. When choosing glasses follow the rules of fashion season: color frame sunglasses should be a contrast shade glasses, for example, brown – beige, black – white. Pay attention to the colored glass.

layered jewelryWhen choosing  jewelry, you should follow current trends of the summer season, “layering,” a combination of several products in the same attire. For example, pick up the chain with a pendant and a necklace. Bracelets are still in vogue for more than one season. Again, the principle of “layering” – several bracelets at once. They can be made of stone, leather or wood. You can also wear a necklace with pendants.   When choosing earrings and rings you should orient to the style of the 80s: long, colored rings, chains, rings with large stones. So, in general these are the trendy and newest fashion accessories for summer.


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