Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Busy Mornings

updo knot

Do not get us wrong. We  love hairstyles that are complicated which are too cool for words. But sometimes you simply don’t have the time for it, so a beautiful herringbone braid hairdo or brigitte bardot style is not exactly an option.

There are hairstyles that you turn to and be done in a  snap with just a few hairpins you can  like like a bomb shell. So, here five hairstyles that you can fix up in 30 seconds. Time … starts … now!

updo knot

High knot

Ok, we have often discussed the knot yet. Even on the red carpet, this look is still a hit. Give your hair an extra boost through cool hair accessories like a narrow diadem, hair band, pins or a mini Updo  bun.

partial updo

Long or tail

Simple and elegant. Take care of volume on top of the hair by combing . Pull your hair aside and start braiding. You can use with long hair for shorter hair  braid slightly looser pulling for a casual look. Don’t like braids? Then a loose side ponytail just as beautiful.

fast and easy ahirstyle

Half push

This style is festive! But great for work too. Use your hands to grab a large tuft of hair at the top, comb your hair back a bit for volume and you fix it with a pair of pins. Also ,a small knot looks good too. Pull a few tufts of hair loose for a casual look.

small braid

Small braid

A twist for you pony, plus gets your hair out of the face.  A small braid does wonders. You can make a two if you’re fast or just a simple braid.  Or, braid your bangs, spray it with hairspray and put the other side down with a hairpin and let your go hair over them. Quick right?