Shoes Can Jazz Up a Simple Outfit

black shoes and purse

ByHaylee Swinford

We’re all familiar with the image of a lone glass shoe sitting on the castle stairs. Cinderella left it there, remember? When she was running home at midnight. This story, about a girl and her life-changing shoes, has been around since the 9th century and appears in its various forms in nearly 700 cultures around the world. Girls are enamored by a story like Cinderella’s. And why shouldn’t they be? Girls have a tendency to love their shoes.

black shoes and purse
So, is it true? Can the perfect pair of shoes change your life? Well, many women believe so. One believes it so much that she wrote a book about it. Susan Reynolds wrote a book, Change Your Shoes, Change Your Life. Its readers credit her with being smart, witty, and successfully changing their life (or their outlook on life) by simply straight-up addressing their shoe choices.

Many women love shoes—and shoe shopping—because they fit. While pants may or may not always fit, or they don’t flatter you, a good pair of shoes will always fit. Not only that, but a great pair of shoes can jazz up an otherwise simple outfit.

 Shoes have a lot of power.

The good thing is, people who sell shoes know how great shoes are. Especially the women at Ann Lilli Fine Shoes. In fact, these women not only know the power of shoes, they want all women to have a chance to experience the power of the perfect pair of shoes.

sandalsSee, some women can’t just walk into any shoe store and find shoes that fit. Shoe shopping isn’t as easy for women who need narrow shoes or quad-a size shoes. Regular shoes don’t hold on right, or can cause foot pain. A little bothersome foot pain for someone whose feet need special attention can lead to some serious health problems. Your feet don’t hurt because “pain is beauty,” they hurt to warn  you when they’re being pushed too hard. The pain your feet feel isn’t something to be ignored. Finding shoes that fit correctly—and look stylish, too—mean that you look awesome and you won’t end every night with blisters. Ann Lilli offers an array of stylish shoes that are targeted to women with unique feet.

You might not be able to find glass slippers on Ann Lilli’s shelves, but I’ll bet you can find some perfect matches for you and your feet.

And just maybe, that perfect pair of shoes can change your life.

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