Tips on how to get the perfect Curl

how to curl hairCurly hair is one of the most fashionable hairstyles, regardless of the season. Be it winter, summer, spring or autumn, curliness is sexy. But unfortunately, not everyone has natural curly hair and, therefore, we must look for an alternate way to accomplish this. Curling irons and special treatments like hair sprays and texturizing lotions, together with other cosmetics are here to help you get the desired look in no time. Also, hairstylists are always saying that curly hair is indeed a trendy hairstyle, making you look younger, fresher and hinting a sign of innocence.

The secret to having great curly hair in any weather or season is the technique and the haircut. Firstly, you need to have at least a medium length hair, that way allowing you to have more layers of curls, adding even more volume to the hairstyle. Here are some simple and easy to follow tips on how to get the perfect curl. The whole procedure can be done by anyone and it shouldn’t take more than 1 hours to complete:

1. Start by washing your hair properly with a simple shampoo. You don’t necessarily need a fancy shampoo or special hair treatments for this step. Towel-dry and comb the hair afterwards.

2. After the first step, preparing the hair is the most important part. Keep your head upside down, with your hair hanging. Apply volumizing and texturing spray to the whole length, from the root, all the way to the tip. Massage to help your hair absorb the volumizing solution.

3. Use a blow dryer to give extra volume to your hair. For this step to be successful, your hair and scalp must be completely dry. To add further volume, blow cold air to the root area.

4. Divide your hair into three separate groups: left side, front side, and right side. This way it will be easier to curl each area at a time.

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5. Use a curl iron (preferably a wide-barrel type) to begin the process. An ideal tool for curling hair is a clampless iron, available currently on the market, at a higher price. Remember to watch out for burns or iron overheating.

6. Spray some texturizing lotion on 1 inch portion of hair and then wrap it around the curling iron. Try to wrap the hair all up to the root area, for added volume. Also, remember to leave tips loose to avoid hair damage or burns. Release the wrapping after 10 to 15 seconds, but you can leave longer for tighter curls. Spray holding spray again to ensure a stronger, long lasting curl. Repeat the step for every hair section, but with different angles and directions. This will give you the natural curly look. Keep in mind that a great curly hairstyle has alternate types of curls.

7. Release the cooled pinned hair curls to finish the procedure. Allow cool air to further relax the hair.

8. To add shine and volume, spray some hair serum or lotion. Also, consider applying hair spray to keep the curls in shape for a longer period.