Top 5 Free Fashion Apps for iPhone 4 Users

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Fashion Apps

Nowadays, I have seen people having their desires and interests developed and directed towards fashion. They look for good accessories for their dresses; look for unique designer clothes, shoes, bags, wallets and even studs too. That is why; Apple is now being modest and helping out its users with different fashion apps as well. You can get many apps that tell you about the latest treads and trends in the fashion industry, not just in your own country but also the places that you define and want to know about the fashion in those areas for you and your loved ones. Some recommended apps are as follows for you so you can see and analyze the type of fashion you are looking for.


1) – This app will keep you informed of the latest trends and fashion news in your area. The news will bring you free updates as well on what kind of dressing is in and what kinds of coloring of the fashion accessories is in as well. You do not have to go online to get news, but whenever you log online from your device, you will get to know about the updates already taken out by the app for you every day. This app will also update you on the upcoming trends as well in the fashion industry.


2)     Cool Guy: It is not what you wear but how you wear it that does matter too. Wearing the latest trends in fashion is not an issue. The matching style and criteria for wearing stuff matters too. If you wear the latest fashioned clothes but do not look decent or nice, this is something to worry about. This app will tell you about how to match your clothes and what color to wear with another one. You will also get the updates form the fashion and accessory stores in the markets near to you so that you can buy good, imported and designer stuff for wearing as well. This app recommends you to wear good shoes, clothes and have good bags and wallets to go with.



3)     Fashion Terms: Even kids nowadays have the tendency to look different by the help of clothes that they wear. If you do not know what fashion it is at a certain place and the designers may call you cowl neck and all , then you need this app. It will tell you about the latest dress designing and stuff and when you get a tailor to sew your clothes, you have different designs in your mind. You can be good at the fashion lingo as well and you will know exactly what the designers are talking about.


4) This app covers the latest fashion shows and news from different ramps. You will get to know what celebrities are wearing these days and what is in. you can follow the fashion and fad, while looking as cooler as the top models in your area.





5)     Chicfeed: For all the fashion-designing students, you can get the news o n the facades of fashion form all around the world online. Get the buzz and news over latest fashion trends and ideas for your next assignments in college. The app is free to download and updates news based on the internet.

For more fashion apps, log on to iTunes, get coverage full on the fashion treads and you will never fail to look as beautiful/elegant as the models at any event.


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