A Seriously Unique Valentine’s Day

By Michelle

Roses and dinner and chocolates, how boring! If you’re looking to really knock your significant
other’s socks off this Valentine’s Day, try something a little different. There’s no one size fits all
when it comes to romance, so start thinking outside the chocolate heart box. You get bonus
points for avoiding those crowded restaurants that are supposed to be so romantic.

The key to planning a perfect Valentine’s Day is to consider what your paramour likes and wants.
Is he or she an avid hiker? Bundle up if you’re in a cold region, pack a picnic with favorite foods
and spend February 14th at a truly romantic dinner spot. If your special someone is more into
excavators or another seemingly non-romantic passion, you can incorporate it with these easy

Romance is in the Eye of the Beholder

A car show, rock climbing gym or indie concert can all be romantic. Choose an activity your
darling loves, and make this outing particularly special. Open the car door, pick up his or her real
favorite poison (who says whisky isn’t for V-Day?) and wrap it up in a bow. Don your best duds
and make this event a little more special than an average weekend date night.

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to do something you’ve both been wanting to do, but haven’t
gotten around to. This could be sky diving or checking out that beach town an hour away. The
holiday might be cheesy, but it’s an opening to try a new adventure together. Take advantage of

Go Super Cheesy

You can take V-Day to the extreme and go a little old school. Hand-make a Valentine’s card with
red construction paper. Try your hand at poetry and either make it heartfelt (if you’re good with
words) or ooey gooey if not. When’s the last time your better half got a good, old-fashioned
handmade card?

Make a dinner at home featuring well-known aphrodisiacs like chocolate and oysters. Pop in the
chick flicks that you groan about all the time. Consider spending the evening in red silk pajamas.
Making Valentine’s Day extreme lets you enjoy the holiday with an ironic twist.

Read Between the Lines

A lot of people (especially women) openly declare their loathing of Valentine’s Day. It’s
notoriously called a Hallmark holiday, and there’s truth in that. However, sometimes this is just
an excuse to not let yourself go and enjoy a festive, fun holiday (even if it is made up). Try
customizing Valentine’s Day to you and see if you have a change of heart.

Nobody hates special events, thoughtful gifts and an excuse to celebrate love. Do you think
love should be celebrated every day? Of course. However, why choose to miss out on the fun of
instilling your idea of romance into the shortest month of the year?

About the Author:

Michelle is an aspiring writer with a passion for blogging. She enjoys writing about a vast variety
of topics and loves that blogging gives her the opportunity to publicly voice her thoughts and
share advice with an unlimited audience.